A Great Conference for Ladies…


Are you LIVING FREE from WORRY, fear, anxiety, GUILT, bitterness, anger, DEPRESSION?  Do you long to LIVE IN HIS PRESENCE experiencing LOVE, JOY & PEACE?

Come join Jenny Speed and the Living Free Team for a time of refreshing spiritual renewal!

Sessions included:

    • Living In His Presence
    • Overcoming the Lies of the Enemy
    • Healing through forgiving
    • Discovering Who I Am
    • Bitter vs. Better with Judy Pittman
    • Pursuing God with Kelly Williamson
    • Daughter’s panel – Young ladies discuss how to resolve mother/daughter conflicts (YIKES!  Mom and I will be on that panel!  –Pray for us!!!)

Break-out sessions:

    • Weight loss programs that work with Lisa Whaley
    • Common uses of esential oils with Patryce Williams

Worship led by Athena Hultgren and Diane Olthoff


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